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A travelling exhibition of the Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Familie NRW.


„Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value.“

Wilhelm von Humboldt

Who we are

We are the regional family policy organisation of the Protestant churches in the Rhineland, Westphalia and Lippe for NRW. We see ourselves as an expert, interdisciplinary network for family-related issues and advocate for the concerns and needs of families in the socio-political and ecclesiastical sphere. Based on the Gospel, we are committed to family justice in the church, politics and society. We take a stand on social and ethical, economic and socio-political issues that affect families. We see ourselves as an interface between politics, the church and society and as a mouthpiece for families.

What we want and what family means to us

Family is where people take responsibility for each other – regardless of their gender, age, ethnic origin, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. The family is a central area of life in which people of different generations take care of each other. In families, reliable and trusting and trusting relationships are developed, promoted and strengthened. Today’s family forms are as diverse as life itself and deserve good prospects!

Why a travelling exhibition?

We want to offer people who visit the exhibition a space to clarify their own understanding of family and to discuss their wishes and needs with regard to family lifestyles. At the same time, we want to make this clear: Families need support in social contexts that have become complex and diverse. The exhibition asks how political, church and civil society actors can contribute to making family life a success.

At six different stations, we invite you to get involved with the „FamilyBand“ theme.

Station „FamilyPictures“

Family has many faces and is colourful and sometimes it also seems unusual to us. At the first station, you can get an impression of what family is and can be.

Station „The red thread“

Who am I connected to? Who is family to me – emotional, real, related? We use a red thread to show who we are connected to.

Station „Pick up the thread“

Connections characterise our family life. However, experiences and events can lead to connections being disrupted and broken. Perhaps I would like to re-establish a connection or simply get in touch. Perhaps something has been left unsaid? Here you have the opportunity to do so.

Station „IdeasSpace“

This station asks very practical questions about what families need in our neighbourhood. Where is voluntary work or contact with politicians needed to change the situation in your neighbourhood?

Station „Photo action“

As co-creators of democracy and our environment, we don’t want to stand still, we want to get moving. We want and need to get out there with our concerns. At this station, we’ll get creative and draw an arc into the www.

 Station “ Family constellations

Family constellations are diverse. The individual photos at this station encourage reflection and discussion. Irritations and broadening of horizons are expressly encouraged!